Quite Dead

*hmms* Yea, well, sticking to things aren’t really, what I do best it seems, it has been over 4 months, since I last wrote a post here on the site.. Ouch..

*chuckles* I just seem to be very bad at remembering to write at all, plus I never really know what to write about.. So therefore I might be relaunching the site, reworking it a bit or opening up another site, loosely tied to this one, because I really wanna start to get some of my story ideas down on the paper and I am getting very tired of not being able to, get any better at anything, so there has to happen something soon and very soon at that..

Though for an update on what is happening in my life, just about has much as there happens on this site, which is absolutely nothing.

My most recent health issue is that I am fighting with an extreme migraine situation, which is kinda tearing my day apart, but it seems to be passing slowly. Today the pain from the migraine and the dizziness isn’t very pronounced, which is a good thing, so I can actually get a few things done, even though I tend to waste much of my time on casual games and World of Warcraft *chuckles* though I haven’t played World of Warcraft in almost a week and I don’t seem to have much interest in it right now.

I’ve done a little coding (read very little) and I just cannot seem to get into the gist of it currently, but I hope that, that will change in the near future, because I truely enjoy coding amoung other things.

I think that was it for now. I really need to try and remember to post, at least one post in here every week, though it’s very hard to motivate myself to do that, when so little happens in my life.

Oh well.. Till next time.